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Communication is key to the practice of veterinary medicine. Your pets - our patients - cannot talk to us directly; we encourage you to call and talk to us about your pet's health and their problems. With a phone call, we can address your concerns immediately, and determine the best course of action. If an examination is needed, a convenient appointment can be made there and then.
All of our staff members are pet owners. We know how much our pets mean to us, and how much your pets mean to you. We aim to do the best for your pets as we do our own.
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About Our Veterinarian

As the owner of Assonet Animal Hospital, I want to personally welcome you back to 'your' Hospital and the opportunity for us to get to know each other better as we together pursue the best quality of life, comfort and enjoyment that we can for your beloved companions—our extended family. Just in brief about myself: as a 1985 graduate of Tufts (Cummings) School of Veterinary Medicine I was a schoolmate of BOTH Dr. Brooks Bloomfield (1983) and the late Dr. David Jonas (1984), whom many of you may fondly remember, as do I. Previous to this I graduated in 1981 from UNH with a Bachelor of Science in pre-veterinary medicine and microbiology. With my DVM degree in hand I practiced for several years near my family home in southern Maine, before relocating to the MA Southshore at Driftway Animal Hospital for the past 24 years.
But in truth it isn't either Dr. Williams or I that could ever make Assonet Animal Hospital singular, but also in very large part the talented, capable, and dedicated staff of the hospital that make it great! If you did not know, several of these remarkable individual's Assonet careers predate Dr. Williams. Together they comprise one of the most outstanding companion animal hospital staffs I have ever had the great fortune to work with. I am truly excited to work with them as we pursue the task of providing the best possible, individualized, compassionate care for your family.
Thank you for your trust and patronage of 'our' Hospital!
Morgan S. Long DVM

Customer Reviews

“Most knowledgeable and best veterinarian in Bristol County. When you have vet techs that have been there over 25 years that says a lot. Even the vet techs are top-notch. Allison and Dale are phenomenal.”
- Kat E.

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